1950s. Von Furstenberg said in a telephone interview. 1960s. High Line Timeline. Manhattan’s High Line project brings renewal to the lower West Side. The elevated 1930s railroad track in New York City has been transformed into an innovative and contemporary public park. Submitted for Construction Magazine’s 2019 Design Challenge, the project would span 9th Avenue to connect the new Moynihan Train Hall to the High Line … The landscape architect was hired by the City of New York and the Friends of the High Line to lead a collaborative team of over 15 specialists to design the first two sections of the line and provide a framework plan for the entire 1.45 miles including developer coordination to encourage positive relationships between the park and its adjacencies. The State of New York agrees to implement the West Side Improvement Project after accidents between trains and traffic in the city. The High Line is a 1.45-mile-long (2.33 km) elevated linear park, greenway and rail trail created on a former New York Central Railroad spur on the west side of Manhattan in New York City. The project is inspired by New York’s famous High Line, which was opened in 2009 and stretches 2.3 kilometres through Manhattan's west side. Friends of the High Line will employ youths aged 16-21 as part of its “Youth Corps” program. La siguiente información es un análisis arquitectónico realizado a un proyecto de intervención Urbana. When the High Line was targeted for demolition in 1999, community activists mobilized to form Friends of the High Line, a non-profit organization committed to saving and preserving the structure. The High Line opens to trains, running from 34th Street to Spring Street. The project was conducted in several phases: Phase 1 – The section runs from Gansevoort Street to 20th Street began in 2006 and was inaugurated in June 2009. One of the most successful development initiatives undertaken in New York City in the last decade has been a horizontal, rather than a vertical, project: the High Line. The June 7 inauguration of the second section of the elevated park, designed by James Corner Field Operations and Diller Scofidio + Renfro, has doubled the length of the park to one full mile (1.6 km). News Transport New York-style High Line path milestone on Forth & Clyde Canal A 212ft-long ramp is being installed in the latest stage of a new section of … It runs from 34th St in Chelsea through Gansevoort St in Meatpacking District. The creators of the New York High Line are, in many ways, the Steve Jobs of the urban planning world. Additionally, the High Line Schools program now offers curriculum guides, which were co-developed with the New York City Laboratory School for Collaborative Studies, for grades two through seven. 1934. The development of this linear park was not the One tower, on the eastern side of the elevated park, is 10 stories tall; the other, on the western side, is 22 stories tall. The … A revolutionary public space and urban revitalization project, the High Line is an ambling plant-lined elevated parkway converted from a long-abandoned freight line above the west side of Manhattan. New York's beloved High Line is a machine for generating three types of urban social activity: looking, moving, and gathering. This installation captures and refracts the light and colors of the New York skyline, which reestablishes the success of the High Line as an accumulation of individual episodes that illustrate present day and past day New York City. 450 West 14th Street—aka “The High Line Building”—was one of the first buildings constructed during the development of the High Line elevated park. The High Line is a New York City public park built on a 1.45 mile-long, elevated freight rail structure on Manhattan’s West Side. The project comprises two towers that flank the High Line. It is managed by the non-profit organization Friends of the High Line under the jurisdiction of the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation. Phase 2 – The High Line of Ganservoort Street to 30th was inaugurated in 2011. NEW YORK, NEW YORK . The final section of the High Line in New York has opened to the public, realising an ambitious urban renewal project that has taken 20 years to complete. It passes into big buildings in its path and emerges on the other side to continue on its way, leaping any cross streets it meets. THE HIGH LINE TOC PART I About The High Line 2 www.thehighline.org 9 Plans 15 Sections 22 Renderings 23 Reclaiming the High Line by Joshua David 67 Transportation is a Growth Machine by Devin Lafo 105 West Chelsea 2005 Zoning Presentation by American Planning Association 171 Public Space Makers: The Future of the High Line 178 Distinguishing Digital Architecture edited by Yo-Tung … Proyecto: High Line, New York. Below: A view of street-level retail connecting Shoreditch High Street to Brick Lane (images courtesy of Hamerson). Increasing use of trucking leads to a drop in rail traffic. the high line is a 1.45-mile-long new york city linear park built in manhattan on an elevated section of a disused new york central railroad spur called the west side line. Owned by the City of New York, the High Line is a public park maintained, operated, and programmed by Friends of the High Line, in partnership with the New York City Department of … A couple of blocks west of the High Line, and a work in progress since the 1990s, the park has “attracted $3 billion in new construction at 94 new buildings in adjacent neighborhoods,” at least according to the project’s website. Some have accused the project of … The High Line has had a knock-on effect of making the areas around it in New York more desirable for property owners and developers. Project by: Eve Mosher With Support from: The Canary Project HighWaterLine was the original public artwork on the New York city waterfront that created an immediate visual and local understanding of the affects of climate change.Eve marked the 10-feet above sea level line by drawing a blue chalk line and installing illuminated beacons in parks. A New York Times reporter waxed enthusiastic at the opening of the High Line on June 3, 1934: “High in the air, it cuts through city blocks. The Spur is the final section of the High Line in New York. The media mogul Barry Diller and the fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg have made a $10 million challenge grant to the High Line, the former elevated railway along the Hudson River that is being converted into a landscaped walkway.“I fell in love with the project, with the place,” Ms. Above: An aerial view of the High Line from Brick Lane. La plataforma elevada dejó de utilizarse en 1980 y en 2003, 23 años más tarde, se comenzó a pensar en diversos usos de ésta. Project. Dicha información es extraída del trabajo de Apuntes de Arquitectura realizado durante el lapso académico 2011-2 del VI semestre de la carrera de arquitectura UNET . The High Line is located on the west side of Manhattan. The success of the project has been reinforced with the redevelopment of the surrounding area that has occurred alongside this multi-phase project. 77 years ago, the New York Central Railroad constructed a nearly 2 mile stretch of elevated railroad tracks to shuttle freight up and down Manhattan’s lower west side in Chelsea / Flatiron. 1929. The High Line Effect Density and development come in many forms – not all of them tall. Designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro, the 1.5-mile parkway, which stands 30 feet over street level, wraps around the Hudson Yards neighborhood. As the project lead, James Corner Field Operations led the design and construction of the High Line—a 1.5-mile-long elevated rail structure on Manhattan’s West Side. High Line es un parque urbano elevado construido sobre una antigua línea de ferrocarril de Nueva York. The design is inspired by the landscape that grew on the High Line during the 25 years after the trains stopped running. Through excellence in operations, stewardship, innovative programming, and world-class design, we seek to engage the vibrant and diverse community […] Owned by the City of New York, the High Line is a public park maintained, operated, and programmed by Friends of the High Line, in partnership with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation. The Lowline Lab is officially closed. Phase 3 – The third and final phase was officially opened to the public on September 21, 2014 and reaches the 34th St. From October 2015 through March 2017, the Lowline Lab tested our ability to bring sunlight underground and to grow plants in a stunning subterranean environment below New York City’s Lower East Side. Le parc High Line de New York (The High Line Project) 13 novembre 2011 Le projet High Line est une promenade construite sur les fondations de l’ancienne ligne de chemin de fer destinée aux marchandises et qui desservait jusqu’en 1980 le coté ouest (West Side) de Manhattan, à New York. Case in point, the High Line is a subliminal retelling of New York’s past through embodied experience. September 6th, 2006 - Posted in Chelsea , New York Attractions .

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